Saturday, June 4, 2011

Part 4

I am currently writing part 4 of my novel. Working title for the novel is still Countdown to Revelation but that will probably change before publishing. So far, approx. 35,000 unedited words written and part 4 is perhaps half done.  Current plan is to have at least five parts and an epilogue, so writing is proceeding well.

As I mentioned before, the main character is the one from epilogue of Just Another Scout. Other characters from other novelettes are also part of the story. More or less.

Review of Stories from the Strangers' Universe by Albert Robbins says: "... each story... perfectly in sync with one another". All stories from the Strangers' Universe happen in the same universe at some point in time. That's why you find references to End of An Era from Just Another Scout even if the other happened thousands of years before the other. Each story published so far is also referenced in the upcoming novel. 
There's something going on in the universe... :-)

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