Monday, December 13, 2010

Smashwords templates

In the wake of The Nuclear Method for Smashwords Authors, I decided to share my results of following the Smashwords Style Guide. I also used nuclear method.

I published three documents at Word-files can be downloaded from Slideshare.

There are two templates, one for free ebook and one for non-free book. Only the license texts are different. I also published original Word-doc of my free ebook Dawn to Dawn for reference. It went ok through automatic conversion and it has been accepted to Premium Catalog.

Non-free book template
Free book template
Dawn to Dawn original doc

Below is book template embedded but you need to view it on to download original doc files. If you are using Firefox you might need to download by clicking first Download in the presentation window and then right-click link called "Click here" and select option "Save link as...". Otherwise you might get very odd looking web page.
Internet Explorer and Safari seems to work fine and download works as it should.
Smashwords eBook Template
View more documents from samisal.

PS. I used Lotus Symphony to make these templates and to write my stories. Lotus Symphony is free so there's no need to buy Office-suite for writing. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us Smashwords authors, Sami. Very useful and much appreciated.

    I, too, have used the 'nuclear method' (on one occasion when I couldn't figure out the formating problem for one of my books), and your tips for what comes after will be helpful to many, I am certain.